The patrol division is the largest division within the police department and provides around-the-clock law enforcement services. Patrol is the backbone of the police department and primarily focuses on patrolling city streets, answering calls for service, and identifying potential crime problems. The Montebello Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our community.

Staffing consists of patrol officers, field supervisors and is often augmented by community service officers, traffic officers, parking enforcement officer, and special problems unit (SPU) officers.


The Montebello Police Department Traffic Unit is responsible for investigating traffic collisions, all traffic related crimes, and strives to reduce traffic related deaths, injuries, and property damage through enforcement. We realize no one likes to receive a traffic citation, however; citations have been shown to greatly reduce traffic collisions, as well as a reminder to motorists their attention to the task of driving is mandatory. 

Every traffic law is important, and many people think of speeding and stop sign violations when they think about getting a ticket. Remember, all of our children are equally important and all of our time is equally valuable. While school is in session, drop your children off in the designated areas or along the curb and not in the middle of the street. The majority of complaints the traffic bureau receives are related to parents behaving poorly while picking up and dropping off their children at school.

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The Montebello Police Department was one of the "First Generation" K9 programs in the Southern California area. This program was started in the fall of 1981 through private donations. A local car dealer donated two police cars, and two K9s were purchased with donated money. Other civic organizations pitched in to get the program started. 

The Montebello Police K9 Services Unit had an extremely successful beginning and continued to gain popularity and community support. Ultimately, the city funded the entire unit. Community support increased, and after seeing how K9s were indeed an officer/citizen safety factor, a crime reduction factor, and cost savings to the city, the city authorized two more K9 positions. The unit now totaled four fully operational K9 teams assigned to a centralized unit within the field services unit. 

The Montebello Police K9 Services Unit was the "Flagship" of all K9 units in the San Gabriel Valley and southeast Los Angeles area, with many agencies attempting to replicate our program. This unit is currently supervised by a sergeant who is an experienced former K9 handler. Currently, there are two police service dogs assigned to patrol. 

The K9’s are trained to protect the handler and other officers. The dogs often search buildings, buildings, fields, backyards, etc. for fleeing or hiding suspects who are often armed and dangerous. The dogs are also cross-trained in narcotics detection and article searches.


The jail facility has a 20-bed capacity. The G4S, a private correctional firm which operates the jail facility under the oversight of a lieutenant. The facility is staffed by trained custody personnel and supervised by a G4S Jail Commander. The jail meets every requirement set forth by the board of corrections. The Montebello City Jail offers several programs to the community. 

The Self-Pay Inmate Program is an alternative to serving a sentence in county jail. With the permission of the sentencing court, men may select to serve their sentence in the Montebello City Jail in two ways; to serve on consecutive days or weekends. Contact the jail supervisor at (323) 887-1200 ext. 230 for more information. 

The Montebello City Jail also offers Live-Scan fingerprint services:

The Montebello City Jail offers Live-Scan fingerprint services however, services are currently SUSPENDED until further notice due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Please contact the jail supervisor at (323) – 887-1200 ext. 230 for more information.


The Montebello Police Department will comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and have established standards to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse, harassment and retaliation against detainees or prisoners in the Montebello Police Department's Type I Jail Facility. If you would like to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment on behalf of a detainee or prisoner in the Montebello Police Department's jail facility, contact the Jail Commander at (323) 887-1200 ext. 230.

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The Montebello Police Department Special Problems Unit is responsible for identifying and impacting areas of recurring criminal activity or calls for service in the city. The team is also responsible for directed gang and narcotics enforcement as well as addressing quality of life issues within the city. The special problems unit monitors areas in the city for the possibility of future crimes. By identifying a problem and working to resolve it, the team works to prevent crime before it happens.


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