Working Together as a Community to Keep Montebello Safe, Thwarts Looting at the Shops at Montebello

Working Together as a Community to Keep Montebello Safe, Thwarts Looting at the Shops at Montebello

On June 1, 2020, the Montebello Police Department received information from a member of our community and through other resources that a group of individuals were planning to feloniously burglarize and loot the Shops at Montebello.  The Montebello Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol worked in conjunction to thwart this unlawful and shameful behavior by actors who are taking advantage of the death of Mr. George Floyd and the subsequent lawful and peaceful protest throughout the Los Angeles County area. 

On June 2, 2020, another attempt to coordinate and plan to loot the Shops at Montebello was discovered and not successful due to the coordinated efforts of law enforcement.   

A message from Chief Brad Keller:   The Montebello Police Department respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights.  Our mission of protecting the community of Montebello and upholding the Constitution is our top priority and our sworn duty. 

 Accordingly, we are committed to apprehending and charging violent instigators who are exploiting legitimate, peaceful protests and engaging in violations of local, state, and federal law. The continued violence, the potential threat to life, and destruction of property across the United States interferes with the rights and safety of First Amendment-protected peaceful demonstrators, as well as all other citizens.

Imagine if all the protests were lawful and peaceful.  Our community would be on the path of recovery from COVID-19 but instead, we are restricted again due to the actions of just a few.  Don’t fuel those few, turn them in so we can once again enjoy our community and all it has to offer.

Chief Keller encourages all Montebello Citizens who witness or know of unlawful violent actions or planned unlawful actions, to contact the Montebello Police Department at 323 887-1313.  If you witness this activity in progress please use 911.

 Together in partnership with our community, we will keep Montebello a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.   

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