Welcome Our Newest Employees


On Wednesday, March 14th, Chief Brad Keller, and the Montebello Police Department were excited and proud to be able to swear in our two newest employees, Police Officer Christopher Powers and Property & Evidence Technician Michelle (Shelly) Marie McKeever.

Christopher Powers is a legacy here at the Montebello Police Department. His dad, Craig Powers retired as a Sergeant from our department several years ago. In 2011 Chris was hired as a Community Service Officer performing basic patrol functions as a report writer as well as other basic law enforcement functions. He then left Montebello in order to focus on his education and complete his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Fullerton. Upon completing his education, Chris attended the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Academy and graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, 209th Session. We were very excited to be able to hire him while he was in the academy and watch him graduate in the Montebello blues. Please welcome Chris to our family as he begins his long-awaited career in law enforcement.

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Michelle McKeever is a humanitarian born and raised in Southern California. After finding a love for the world of forensics, Michelle graduated from the California State University of Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. She also attended two academies for training in all aspects of forensics. Meantime, she worked with the homeless in Los Angeles then moved to India for a short period of time to work with a non-profit whose mission was to bring jobs to women lacking an education. After returning home, Michelle became an active attendee to the Southern California Association of Fingerprint officers and is a member of the International Association for Identification, International Association for Property & Evidence Inc. and the International Crime Scene Investigator Association. Michelle is elated to finally serve the community of Montebello with the honor and integrity. 

If you see our new employees around town, please welcome them. To watch the full video, watch below.






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