Traffic Bureau Focuses on Commercial Trucking

Commercial-Enforcement-3 Traffic Officer Estupinian conducting enforcement of a truck off the designated route.

The Police Department has recently received several complaints of large, commercial vehicles driving off the truck route and onto residential streets. The city has designated certain roads to be suitable for commercial traffic per California Vehicle Code 21101. The routes are designed to keep heavy vehicles off residential streets as well as steep grades where braking could be a concern. Large trucks traveling off these routes can cause traffic hazards and damage streets not designed for the excessive weight. The routes are marked by traffic signs, several of which have recently been added or replaced for better visibility.

On August 29th, the Montebello Traffic Bureau responded to the communities concerns and conducted focused enforcement on commercial vehicles throughout the city. Montebello Police Officers were assisted by two sergeants and four officers from the California Highway Patrol who specialize in commercial traffic law enforcement. These additional resources helped make a large impact on the day’s operation and helped educate drivers on the rules of the road.

Officers conducted numerous traffic stops related to enforcing our large vehicle and commercial trucking laws. These traffic stops resulted in over 50 citations being issued. The Traffic Bureau will continue to make commercial trucking law enforcement a priority to improve on today’s progress.  The Montebello Police Department is grateful to the CHP for their assistance in making today’s operation a success.


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