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How to Become a Montebello Police Officer

The Montebello Police Department is continually processing applications for careers as a Montebello Police Officer.  Please read the below information entirely to ensure you are applying for the correct position. 


There are three (3) categories for careers as a Montebello Police Officer.  A description of each type and some of the different qualifications for each category includes but is not limited to:

●          Police Officer Trainee - This is the beginning level law enforcement work for purpose of training to become a sworn police officer. You will be sent to a police academy for basic instruction.   This position requires no previous police experience.

●          Police Officer (Pre-Service) - Must have satisfactorily completed a P.O.S.T. approved basic academy or be enrolled in one at the time of application.  (PROOF REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION.)  

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