Security System Maintenance

Security-System-Maintenance-blo_20200213-002248_1 Security System Maintenance

A security system should receive regular maintenance to make sure all the components are working properly. All alarm systems have batteries in them, even the traditional wired alarm systems. A traditional wired system has batteries in the controller and should be changed every 3 to 5 years. Wireless systems may require your batteries to be changed a lot sooner, depending on the specific component. You should know what type of batteries those components require and have some extra ones on hand. Your control panel or app on your phone helps you keep track of system performance. However, you should conduct your own weekly and monthly inspections as well.

Create a security system maintenance checklist and complete these tasks weekly or monthly to ensure your system is running properly.

·         Check the batteries in:

o   Cameras

o   Doorbell cameras

o   Carbon monoxide detectors

o   Control panels

o   Door and window sensors

o   Image sensors

o   Smart Locks

o   Smoke Detectors

·         Perform weekly perimeter checks

o   Clean your cameras and ensure they are attached securely

o   Examine your window and door sensors making sure they are securely attached

o   Check your window and door frames for rotting

o   Inspect window and door locks

o   Test all outdoor lighting

o   Keep landscape neat and trim to eliminate hiding spots

Perform additional safety checks. Place fire extinguishers throughout your house. Keep one on every level of your home as well as one in your kitchen and an additional one in your garage. Monitor the gauge on these fire extinguishers monthly and have them serviced if they look low.

Review safety procedures with your children monthly. Conduct fire drills with them and go over important rules related to never letting strangers into your home and never giving them information over the phone.

Security systems are great tools to help automate the safety of your home, but they do not do all the work for you. It is up to you to ensure your system and its components are all working in proper order. It’s also important to note that if you live in the city of Montebello, you are required to have an alarm permit. Over 95 percent of the alarm signals in Montebello are false. Responding to false alarms is a huge resource burden for the Montebello Police Department and takes officers away from responding to actual emergency situations. In an effort to make alarm users aware of this problem and mitigate the incidence of false alarms, Montebello has enacted a False Alarm Ordinance (Municipal Code Title 8, Chapter 8.24). It requires that all owners of an active alarm system (both residential and business) obtain and maintain an annual permit and pay fines to the City for excessive false alarm activity. To purchase your alarm permit, click here.


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