Safe Exchange Zone


The Montebello Police Department is happy to announce a new program called the “Safe Exchange Zone”.

Safe Exchange Zones are designed to increase safety for individuals buying and selling goods through websites such as Craigslist, Offer Up and Facebook's Marketplace. There will be designated parking stalls at the Montebello Police Department for individuals to complete these types of transactions, without the fear of being robbed for their property or money or the fear of violence. 

The City of Montebello and other cities have experienced numerous violent crimes during private party exchanges.  These exchanges began as private party transactions where citizens have agreed to meet in a retail center parking lot or at a private residence.  These cases involved the seller intentionally luring the buyer or seller to these locations with the intent to rob them.

Beginning today, the Montebello Police Department will designate two parking stalls in the public parking lot of the Police Department located at 1600 West Beverly Boulevard. The parking stalls will be well lit at night and marked with signage that indicates the stalls are for the purpose of Safe Exchange. The parking stalls may be monitored by surveillance cameras and/or officers at all times.

The Montebello Police Department encourages anyone meeting a buyer or seller to take advantage of the Safe Exchange Zone at Montebello PD as a safe alternative to conduct private party transactions. 



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