Rio Hondo Riverbed Project

IMG_4485 MMHET and CRU teaming up in the riverbed.

On 04/24/18, The Montebello Mental Health Evaluation Team (MMHET) along with the Community Relations Unit conducted a “clean-up” of the riverbed area between Montebello and Pico Rivera. This area is divided between the City of Montebello, City of Pico Rivera and County of Los Angeles County. Several areas of the riverbed, especially under and around the bridges, have been used by people needing housing assistance. The primary goals of the project were to provide several sources of assistance for those in need and to remove waste and dangerous items from the area. 


Several days before the project began signs were posted in the areas to be cleaned to provide proper notice to everyone it may effect. Also prior to the 24th, our MMHET officer, Officer Lisa Bustos and her partner, Clinician Rosaura Juarez from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health conducted increased outreach in the area. MMHET works tirelessly to help those in need and preserve the quality of life in Montebello.


The day of the project went smoothly and there was a tremendous amount of support available to those in need. Here is a list of the assisting groups and agencies:

David L. Murphy Sobering Center

Kekoa Veterans Foundation

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

Los Angeles County Mental Health Services

Los Angeles County Public Works

Montebello Street Department

Our Way Client Run Center

Whittier's First Day

Several people were assisted during the day and driven to various facilities by agency staff. However, many refused the help and left the area. Montebello PD is committed to continuing to offer support and services to those in need. The Police Department is also committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment to those who want to use the bike paths and rest areas in the riverbed area.

Thank you for the hard work from everyone involved, especially the crews that were working under and around the bridges. A great amount of progress was made in helping those in need and cleaning up the area.



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