Etch & Catch

Etch & Catch Etch and Catch Catalytic Converter Program
Over the weekend, with the assistance of Helms & Hill Tow, Ford of Montebello, and Chevrolet of Montebello, the Montebello Police Department hosted its first Etch & Catch event. Montebello Police Officers etched the vehicle license plate numbers onto the catalytic converters of 100 vehicles belonging to residents of the city of Montebello. This free event was a huge success!
Although this will not prevent a thief from stealing your catalytic converter, it can assist in investigations if your catalytic converter is stolen and later recovered.
Here are a few tips to help prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen. First, always park in well-lit areas if possible. If you are parking in a public parking lot, always try to park close to the building entrance. If you have a garage, park your vehicle in the garage when possible and keep your garage door closed.
There are also aftermarket companies out there that make special devices and shields that may keep your catalytic converter safe. You can find them on the internet by searching "catalytic converter theft prevention."
Stay tuned for future Etch & Catch events within our city.

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